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Round Acrylic Ganache Lid Set

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Centre Dowling Hole?

Repeatable results are achieved with our acrylic ganache boards, allowing for effortless ganaching of cakes.

The boards have been crafted to help you accurately measure out the same layer of ganache each time, so that your cakes always have an impeccable finish.

Round shaped acrylic set includes 2 ganache boards in size of your choice, with option of including a 2cm centre dowling hole.

Size options -

5” - 12.5cm x 12.5cm

6” - 15cm x 15cm

7” - 17.5cm x 17.5cm

8” - 20cm x 20cm

9” - 22.5cm x 22.5cm

10” - 25cm x 25cm


Please note to ganache a 6 inch size cake, you will need to use the next size up in ganache board, therefore need a 7 inch ganache board.

Instructions - Cover ganache lid with cling film (glad wrap), making sure it is smooth along the edge. Spread the ganache over the lid evenly and ensure that the boards are aligned.


Care Instructions - Hand wash with lukewarm, soapy water. Do not expose the acrylic to hot water as it can cause deformation. Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.